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Weapons and Concealed Carry Offenses

Weapons Offenses


I have represented numeorus clients charged with weapons offenses.  A person charged with a weapons offense must have an attorney with experience and knowedlge of weapons and weapons systems.  I have personally handled cases ranging from brass knuckles to firearms violations.  With my extensive knowledge of weapons and the weapons laws of Illinois, I will aggressively defend your case.


Concealed Carry Law 


Illinois has recently enacted law allowing citizens to carry concealed firearms.  Illinois passed this legislation after the ban on concealed carry was deemed unconstitutional.  Illinois has enacted the most restrictive concealed carry law in the United States.  I have immersed myself in this developing area of law and am prepared to assist you in your Concealed Carry Permit matters or defending an alleged violation of the Concealed Carry Law.


I will aggressively defend your right to protect yourself.  If denied an application, my office can assist you with your appeal and zealously advocate for your constitutional rights.  The exceptions to the Concealed Carry Law may provide you with relief or an argument - you need accurate, informed and educated advice to best protect your rights if accused of violating the Concealed Carry Law.  


Please see my website for a continuing analysis of this developing area of law.


Use of Force:  Self-Defense and Defense of Others


If you are involved in the unfortunate circumstance where you have engaged your concealed carry firearm; immediately seek the advice of an experienced crimnal defense lawyer with the trial experience asserting self-defense.  I have asserted the self-defense defense on behalf of my clients in numerous criminal cases where alleged conduct has ranged from fighting back when confronted with a fist fight to the use of a firearm to defend onself against an attack in which the user is in fear of their life.


If self-defense, defense of others, or defense of property, was the reason your firearm was discharged, hiring aggressive defense counsel early on in your case is important. CONTACT MY OFFICE TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION.  My Bench and Jury Trial experience in this area can help to give you the best chance for successfully defending these charges. My ability to cross-examine experts in the area of firearm and ballistic forensics is used to educate the jury, and to assist you in defending your case.  In any trial where any form of self-defense is asserted it is imperative for the jury to understand the fear pulsating through the accused at the time of his or her actions.  My knowledge of forensic sceince and gunshot wounds is valuable in establishing a justifible discharge of a firearm defense.  


Use of Deadly Force in Defense of Self (Self-Defense)


The decision to utilize your firearm to defend yourself is the most difficult decision any Concealed Firearm carrier will have to make.  As with all decsions and exercise of judgment, there are some scenarios that leave no question that the use of deadly force is justified.  There are other scenarios where the justification may be harder to explain or legally may not exist.  I will use this site as an educational tool to show the cases that I believe will demonstrate a completely unquestionable justifiable use of deadly force in self- defense, to those scenarios where the use of deadly force in self-defense has been found to be not justified and to those cases of all points between justified used of deadly force (self defense) and those cases that demonstrate an unjustifiable use of deadly force.


-The First Video "Off-Duty Sheriff's Officer Kills Armed Robber" is an example of an

UNQUESTIONABLY JUSTIFIED use of Deadly Force in Defense of Self



I will aggressively use my skills to present your case of self-defense (justifiable use of force), may engage experts and lay testimony as to how a firearm functions, and explain ballistics and the forensic evidence of the injuries sustained to prove the discharge of the firearm was justified.


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