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Addiction Representation

Within the past decade there has been a dramatic increase in arrests for Illegal Possesion of Prescription Drugs and Heroin.  This increased use has alarmingly increased the number of overdose injuries and deaths in the Chicago Suburbs. 


The local prosecuting authorities have taken an aggressive stance in prosecuting these cases. Preventing the damge and devastating pain inflicted on familes by these substances is the paramount goal of these agencies. 


Illinois Courts are focused on aggressive prosecution of those engaged in the trafficing and delivery of these substances. Illinois Courts are also focused on successful resolution of cases for those involved in possession of these substances, and treatment and detterence may be an available option. 


For the addict, resolution through rehabilitation instead of punishment or incarceration may be an option available. CALL MY OFFICE TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION. My office has been successful in advocating that the recovered addict is much less likely to have future contact with the criminal justice system if rehabilitation is received.  


To achieve this goal, a number of programs are available and actively used by the Courts to provide sentencing alternatives of treatment instead of incarceration.  Of course, if the treatment option fails the Court's will revert to incarceration or other means of dettering conduct.


The key message to this section is there is hope, and there are resources available to assist in the fight against addiction.  As an experienced criminal lawyer, I have represented numerous addicts through my 15 years of practice.  I am proud of my clients who have successfully remained sober or "clean" and continue to win their battle with addiction.  I also respectfully remember every one of my clients who have lost their battle with addiction.


As your criminal lawyer, and with your commitment to change, we can work to achieve your goals.  I have an outstanding record of utlizing the many resources available enabling my clients to work through addiction in an environment that will give them the best chance for success.  I will compassionately represent your struggle and your commitment to battling your addiction to your Judge.  I will personalize you, advocate for you, and utilize my legal practice tools to assist my clients in defeating addiction and resolving their criminal case.


 Call me today at 630.933.9800 for your FREE consultation.  

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