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Relief from Criminal Dispositions

Expungement, Sealing, and Petions for Pardons


As an experienced criminal lawyer, I strive to work with my clients to remove their criminal case from their criminal history.  This can only be accomplished with certain offenses through the Expungement Process.  There may also be relief avaiable for those unable to expunge their case, including Sealing the Case, a Petition for Pardon, a Petition for Relief from Disabilites, and a Certificate of Good Conduct.  As an experienced defense lawyer, I will consult with you, discuss the facts of your situation, and help you determine which form of relief you wish to pursue.  


Relief from Disabilities/Certificate of Good Conduct


One example of relief is that offered by the Relief from Disabilites and Certificate of Good Conduct statute. This gives those previously convicted of felony offenses the opportunity to seek employment in areas where a felony convictions would normally disqualify them.  Relief from the impediment of a prior felony conviction for a profession governed by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations may help my client to achieve this goal.  


Relief options give a person the chance to put their past mistakes behind them and go forward with a productive life and its opportunities.  With dedication, hard work, a deisre for change, and the help of an experienced lawyer, you can work to achieve your goals.


I have experience assisting my clients in choosing the appropriate relief for them and seeking relief to help them achieve their goals. As an experienced crimnal lawyer, I have filed, argued, and successfullly obtained relief sought by my clients. Many of my0 clients have pursued employmemnt in their desired field, and had the impediments of criminal dispositions expunged from their records.


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